Since 1980, our company has delivered data processing and coding services to market research professionals.  Although the tools of data processing have moved from punch cards to floppy disks to online reports, the fundamentals have always remained the same:

  • The data must be accurate. 
  • The data must be delivered in a format that makes the analyst's life easier. 
  • The reports must be delivered on time.

Our in-house team of data processors works with our clients to design data tables, dashboards, and data files that allow research professionals to easily answer their questions and create reports.

We are happy to provide data processing services in conjunction with a phone, web, or in-person project that we fielded, or we can simply receive data collected by a third party.  Many of our clients ask us to perform 'dual data processing' as a double check on their internal data processing teams.

We are experienced with all industry standard software including SPSS, Uncle cross-tabulation, SPSS Reporter software, Microsoft Access and Excel.  We can also provide online tables and dashboards if you want real time access to and reporting of your data.  In addition to delivering Word and Excel tabulations with complex banners and statistical tests, we can also provide advanced statistical analysis such as factor analysis, cluster analysis, segmentation, and conjoint.

If you have a favorite research software, we can provide clean data files to import into data analysis packages such as SPSS Desktop Reporter, mTab, WinCross, or InfoTools ESPRI. Examples of a few of the standard data formats that we support and are often asked for include:

  • SPSS (Fully labeled SAV) 
  • SAS 
  • DDF (SPSS Dimensions Data File) 
  • Excel
  • Triple-S (SSS) 
  • CSV 
  • ASCII 
  • TR (CfMC Specific) 
  • IBM Column Binary


Many projects include the collection of open-ended responses to capture the qualitative opinions of respondents.  If quantitative analysis is desired, our data processing department can code it for you.


For more information or to request a proposal email us at
or call 818-591-2408 and ask for Bill Davis.