"Are you tired of seeing the same focus group respondents
every time you have a group?"

When the focus groups are over and everyone goes home, it isn't the focus group room, food or fancy art that will be remembered, it is if the respondent fit the profile of what you were looking for and if they were able to properly articulate their opinions.  We excel at the ability to provide fresh, qualified and articulate respondents.  We know that this is the true measure of success for any project.

Focus group recruiting is done in our 175 station CATI facility.
We consistently receive high recruiting ratings in the annual Impulse Survey.  These ratings are echoed by our clients who rave about the noticeable difference in the quality of respondents that participate in focus groups recruited by our team.   For projects in the greater Los Angeles area, we can tap into our database of over 40,000 households that has been developed over the past 40 years.  Our focus group facility is located in the city of Calabasas, which is a highly affluent suburb of Los Angeles.  Calabasas is bordered by middle and low income areas within a 10-minute drive.   

The keys to our recruiting success are:

  • We do not hire outside recruiters or use online postings.

  • We recruit projects in-house from a call center located in the same office as our project management staff.  Our project managers speak directly to our clients and then directly to the recruiters.  This avoids important project details getting lost in translation.

  • We are continuously adding people to our database to keep our respondent pool fresh for future research.

We often take advantage of our extensive quantitative research infrastructure to conduct complex qualitative recruiting.  Utilizing our 175-station call center, we can employ our CATI technology to integrate complex algorithms or multi-level quotas into the recruiting process.  Detailed disposition reports can be produced, and large scale recruiting projects can be done efficiently – all completely in-house.

Our Multipurpose Room can be set-up for large product displays such as printers, motorcycles, refrigerators or strollers (shown above).
Our Focus Group Room can be set-up to accommodate all project needs. In this photo it is set-up “living room” style.

Our Focus Group Rooms

We offer two focus group rooms - a traditional sized room which seats 8-12 respondents, as well as an oversized room that can seat up to 30 people classroom-style. The two focus group rooms are adjacent to one another, separated by a sound-proof door. This offers the flexibility to incorporate adjoining rooms for activities such as breakout sessions or large product displays. We have extensive A/V capabilities, free wireless Internet access, and amazing food from local restaurants. The facility is located near a high-end outdoor shopping plaza, in a ground floor facility with easy freeway access, oversized entry doors, and ample free parking. To see a detailed facility layout including pictures, please click below.

Please click on the photo to see a larger layout of our Focus Facility.

Internet Streaming and Archives

In addition to back room viewing, Davis Research offers the ability to securely live stream focus groups over the web in high definition. This allows those who are not able to travel to view the groups from the comfort of their own desktop without installing any special software. Integrated interactive chat and document sharing make it almost feel as though you are in the room (minus the M&Ms). Groups are archived and available for access the next day via secure project portal.

Davis Research can provide live web streaming and web archiving of focus groups, including client chat capabilities.

Why Calabasas?

"Calabasas?  Is that in Los Angeles?"  Many of our long-term focus group client relationships started out with the very same question.  As they learned more about our facility and the geographic area, they were hooked.  We feel Calabasas is one of the best kept secrets in the Los Angeles area as a focus group location because:

  • Calabasas is a small, extremely affluent suburban area near mid and lower income areas.

  • Calabasas sits on the edge of the San Fernando Valley, one of the largest and most ethnically diverse geographic areas in the United States.

  • It is far enough away from the endless chain of LAX/West LA focus group facilities, which means we are drawing from a pool of fresh respondent faces, not the same people you saw a month ago at another facility. 

  • We are the closest focus group facility to Ventura County, an area of particular interest to many researchers.

  • The city of Calabasas has been called the "suburban Beverly Hills", just 9 miles inland from Malibu.  Mid and high end restaurants, as well as upscale hotels are located nearby, including the Four Season Westlake Village Hotel. You will be proud to have your clients staying in the local area.

  • The Bob Hope Burbank Airport (BUR) is approximately 25 minutes from our office, which is a great alternative to LAX.

Nationwide Recruiting and Project Management

Many clients first experience our recruiting during focus groups held at our Calabasas facility.  When they need to do focus groups in other markets, they are happy to discover that we can offer the same superior recruiting to facilities across the country.   We can further help them out by locating, hiring and managing the focus group facilities, as well as traveling with the moderator to handle all on-site project logistics.  This allows the moderator to focus on what they do best, the moderation of the groups.  Since Davis Research is independent from nationwide focus group chains, we are able to recommend the best facility in each market, rather than being forced to steer the work to a sister facility.

For more information or to request a proposal email us at info@davisresearch.com
or call 818-591-2408 and ask for Bill Davis.