Thank you for visiting the focus group respondent section of our website. In this section you will find:

  • A description of 'What is a focus group?'
  • Directions to our Calabasas, CA focus group facility.
  • Link to sign-up in our focus group database.

What is a focus group?
  A focus group is a group discussion lead by a moderator.  The topics discussed can be anything from automobiles to software to politics.  The goal is to gather consumer opinions and feedback so our client can improve the products and services that they offer.   A focus group is not a sales presentation.

How do I qualify?  People who qualify and participate in a focus group are compensated for their time and typically say that they had a lot of fun.  If we contact you regarding a focus group, you should expect that we will ask you a list of questions to see if you fit the profile that our clients are looking for.  We apologize in advance if the list of questions is long, but our clients are always looking for a very specific type of person.    If you don’t qualify for the group that we call about, we will call you again the next time that we have something that you might be a fit for.  If you have not signed up in our database and would like to be contacted for future focus group projects, please click on the link below.

Where do we do focus groups? We hold focus groups at our office in Calabasas, CA as well as locations all over the United States.  If the focus group is not at our Calabasas, CA office and you have any questions or need directions, please call 818-591-2408 and ask to speak to the recruiting department at extension 4506.  If you need directions to our Calabasas, CA office, please click on the link below.

Unfortunately, there are people who go to great lengths to misrepresent themselves in order to qualify for focus groups. We call these people professional respondents and we spend a lot of time and effort to keep these people out of our focus groups.  If you think that this describes you, please don’t sign up to be in our database.