Industry Highlights

Over the last 50+ years in business Davis Research has worked in a wide variety of industries.  Below are some highlights of studies we are currently working on.


Davis Research has worked with Asian, domestic, and European automotive manufacturers to explore industry trends such as electrification or the future of mobility, vehicle design and marketing, early buyer analysis, and product redesign.

Social Science Research

Long time members of AAPOR, Davis Research has partnered with universities, the U.S. government, and private foundations to lead multimodal mail, phone and web based research surveys to help policy makers and research scientists make informed decisions.

Political Polling

Davis Research has helped inform political parties on both sides of the aisle on the voice of the public at the senate district, congressional district, state and national level on ballot initiatives and elections.

Military and Veteran Research

Davis Research has partnered with the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs to conduct surveys and studies with active military and military veterans to explore topics such as healthcare experience, alternate health therapies, and other initiatives to improve the overall experience for those who have served our country.  We understand the privacy, security, and logistical challenges of surveying this population.

Legal Research

Legal Research comes with its own set of challenges. In the end you need a partner who can represent your client in court in a professional, unbiased manner. 

When I raise my hand and ‘swear to tell the truth’ I know I can depend, without qualm, on the work of Davis Research


Davis Research has partnered with educational institutions including private, state, community and online colleges as well as education focused foundations to design, execute and report on research projects with a wide variety of goals, including industry interviews, alumni satisfaction, and student experience surveys.

Public Health Research

Davis Research has worked with healthcare organizations, non-profit organizations and university researchers to track and analyze patient experience, public health campaign effectiveness, and general health surveys both on a custom and recurring basis.

Consumer Research

Davis Research has worked with product manufacturers and service providers to conduct traditional consumer market research as well as advanced techniques such as conjoint, TURF analysis, and persona development.

Each project has its unique challenges.  Contact us today to learn more about Davis Research’s experience in your industry.