Since we opened our doors in 1970, our approach has been to offer the full range of survey research tools to meet our clients’ needs.

The secret of our success is simple ...

... use the right tools...

At the heart of every successful research project is the need to use the right methodology or combination of methodologies appropriate to the research challenge. Since 1970, we have conducted millions of surveys across every research collection approach you can think of and have a deep understanding of their strengths and challenges, as well as how to avoid the pitfalls. reach the right people!

Choosing the right sampling strategy is as important as choosing the correct methodology. If you aren’t reaching the right people your results will be biased. Davis Research projects often involve a combination of connecting with participants via email, interviewer initiated phone call, interviewer initiated text message, and invitation letter to ensure we are including ‘hard to reach’ populations.

Each research project is different.  Contact us today so we can have a conversation about your study’s specific needs.