You’ve been invited to participate in research.

What does that mean?

First of all, thank you for asking. Over the last 50 years Davis Research has reached out to millions of people all around the world to ask them their opinions on a wide variety of products and services.

While each project we work on is unique, you likely have received a letter, email, or phone call with information on how to participate. For some projects we collect information over the phone, others we collect online through a web survey or online focus group, and still others are done in-person through a focus group or in person product assessment.

Regardless of the type of project, you can rest assured that Davis Research respects your privacy. Our projects are solely for survey research purposes and not for sales or marketing. If you receive a text or a call it was placed by one of our interviewing agents, not an auto-dialer. We are real people looking for opinions from real people.

If you have a question about a specific study, send us an email at Please include your project login if you have one.

Davis Research consistently maintains a 4+ star rating on Yelp. Please see below for comments from our past participants.

I received an invitation in the mail for possible paid participation in a study. I was hesitant at first because it sounded “too good to be true” “easy money” etc. I did some internet sleuthing: looked over their website and read some reviews, sounded legitimate so I followed through with the invitation. I’m so glad I gave the idea a chance. The study was a really unique opportunity and such a fun experience! The entire Davis Research Team was professional, friendly and easy to work with.

I recently attended a focus group with Davis Research and was impressed with the level of professionalism they had when interviewing us. They were great with including all members of the focus group and ensuring that everyone could give their opinion without feeling the effects of “groupthink.” Refreshments were provided by Davis Research and they made every attempt to have us be as comfortable as possible.

I was approached by Davis Research to participate in an automotive study. I was initially skeptical - as they wanted me to fill up an online survey, then speak to someone, then (if qualified) attend an in person evaluation. I went ahead. They were very professional from start to finish, including keeping me updated on the schedule change for the in person evaluations well in advance so I could accommodate it in my schedule. Once I completed the evaluation, I also was offered to participate in a focus group, which I gladly obliged - given my positive experience with them overall. I would happily go again if they ask me to participate in another survey. 5*!